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Hello again, viewers, this is Paul Evans, Findlay-Evans Waterproofing and Liquid Rubber Melbourne. We’ve got yet another rooftop in the CBD district of Melbourne. This one here is an old torch-down membrane which is leaking all over the place, and first of all, it was notified to us that it had a screw down over the top which they’d attempted to waterproof it some probably 30-40 years ago. That it all degenerated and cracked and was leaking like a sieve.

We stepped into this one and also found the upper roof had also a large pooling area which was gathering water and just leaking through the torch-down material. We were asked to come in and apply waterproofing to both these areas, in fact, all the areas of the whole roof, pop-ups, stairwell pop-ups, and equipment pop-up rooms as well.

So we, and this building has got only stair access, no other access, so everything had to be humped upstairs. All our equipment is actually breakdown equipment, so we can bring it up the stairs by hand, a few grunts and groans, but we get it there at the end.

Once we’ve got the equipment onto the rooftop, we can work away, and it’s free. This one, it took a lot of cleaning. We used power washers up there and got the men working hard on the power washers and got it all nice and clean. We allowed that then to dry out, then got stuck into the preparation cycle of the job, whereas we’re cutting out defective sections of the membrane and then grabbing them back in and then topping them off with a flexible screed.

This all was allowed to dry. Once again, we carried out further detailing of all pinots and pipes and brackets of the guard railing and scuppers and drain points, and you name it, everything and everything was just detailed to the max.

Then we dried it all off, made sure it was nice and crispy clean, and started applying our membranes. The base coats went down. This had a reinforcing fabric through it as well to give it extra strength and durability because it’s a traffickable area, so we decided to put a reinforcing mesh through it.

These coats were laid down, and then once we were happy with all the coatings down, we decided that a top coat would be put on this one, and this has gone down. It’s a thermal reactive coat, so this one actually bonds to the base coats of liquid rubber, and the thermal coat goes down. In this case, it was a light gray color which was tinted to that color. It’s a heat reflective and thermal properties reduce the inside temperatures by around about 10 degrees, which is fairly significant, and that will save their heating and cooling costs in the future.

Very happy about that job, come up a treat, boys did a fantastic job, everybody’s a happy camper, and just thought they’d share that with you. If you want to give us a call at the office and discuss the job and maybe have something similar, give us a call on Melbourne 03 888 12298, or you can always have a look at our website

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