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Hello again, this is Paul Evans with yet another case study for you. This one is, I suppose, really typical, but it was a little bit more integrated than most because this is an educational facility where the rooftop existing membrane had failed miserably, and they asked us to come in and integrate a membrane with protection for the purpose of building a decking, large decking over the top, which incorporated engineering elements which had to be bolted down, large umbrellas in this particular case, and choke loss had to be bolted down to the deck yet waterproofed correctly. That’s a combination which usually causes catastrophic failure in membranes.

So we got involved with this right from the word go. There’s about half and half, and one side was decking, the other side was synthetic grass. So we went ahead and stripped it all back and then cleaned it thoroughly by power washing it. Once it was cleaned to the extent of all the grime and rubbish removed, we then went about detailing everything methodically, detailing each and every new stirrup which is used for holding the supporting structure of the decking, also problem areas which had been 10-15 years a problem area for the particular school. So which was the trailer roofing which had blowback in high winds and water getting forced underneath the flashing, causing leaks in the adjacent corridor underneath.

So we isolated those areas in particular, detailed by hand, masked everything up meticulously so we had a nice clean line to work for, and then we sprayed that with the Liquid Rubber and a topcoat. Absolutely magnificent sort of result where we sealed everything up completely.

Once we had the Liquid Rubber sprayed down over the entire area, we then went ahead and put our Amber Blue down, which is a soft back protection sheet with the stick back on it. It’s a peel and stick job that goes down to protect the membrane so you can build over the top of it and also put down synthetic grass over the top. This protects the membrane from uplift and pulling from the synthetic grass, which is so often actually bonded down to membranes, generally speaking, not just ours but everybody’s. Then the grass shrinks or moves or gets shifted by some pop plant or whatever and starts to tear away at the membrane, a very big problem in the industry.

So we’ve come up with this Amber Blue, which works extremely well. It’s semi-adhering, so it doesn’t stick 100%, so if you need to pull it up for some reason, get to it, maybe put in a new penetration, you can do that, prepare it, detail, then put the Amber Blue back down, and also actually stick again.

So this one went down over the entire area, then a decking was built over the top of it, and synthetic grass put in at a later date. Once those photos come at hand, we might even add those to the collection.

But look, that’s a little case study. If you want to know more about it, please give us a call, the number shown on the website, or just the website itself, and you can find out a lot more about it and call us for a quote.

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