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The practices for doing retaining walls and basements are critical. In these areas, they’re going to be usually backfilled so that you get one shot at doing this and that’s it.

The preparation is paramount. The surfaces must be absolutely clean, preferably as dry as possible. Our material will take some minor amounts of moisture but generally they need to be bone dry.

This is always a challenge because they’re underground usually. Of course, with inclement weather, you have water coming in all the time.  It needs to be carefully planned. Anybody in construction needs to prepare it properly and think about how they’re going to do this. It’s always disregarded and disrespected actually in the industry.

The best way, simplest way is keep it clean. Keep it dry. Keep the surfaces smooth and as harmonious as possible so the membrane will bond to it and you don’t have little holes and divets to fill up all the time. This is a paramount part of preparation, which is our meticulous way. All our applicators go about and are trained in this fashion.

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