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Membranes will last in varying degrees. The average life span of most membranes is around 25 years to 30 years. The industry sort of dictates a 10-year warranty on everything. It seems to have locked in on everything. Yes, we offer a 10-year warranty. If we need to, we can offer 10 years, 15 years, 20 years or 25 years if we need to. That’s sort of the going situation as far as our terminology for warranties if you like.

But the reality of it is if you’re going to put a membrane down, you really want it to last. We use high quality materials, not the cheapest on the market I can tell you that, but they certainly are a high quality material. The reason we do that is we want them to last.

As the consumer is using this product, again, at the end of the story, they don’t really want to be calling us back in 10 years, 15 years to say, “The membrane’s broken down. It doesn’t work.”

Given that, the timing on it will vary depending on its use, of course. It’s like putting that carpet in your home. If you just traipse over it and you bring the army through it every day, it’s going to last a very short time. Isn’t it? If your old couple that use it every day now and then potter about your carpet, it’s going to last forever pretty much.

This is the same analogy it goes with membranes. It’s a wearable surface like any other no matter what membrane goes down. It’s subject to wearability. It’s subject to how it’s treated afterwards. They do get mashed about by other sub trades behind.

For example, I’m not putting it down but the air-conditioning guys and people working on the roof, they tend to be a little bit rough, put the tool boxes down and gouge in to the membrane, throw down spanners, throw down hot materials, drills holes at a metal and the hot metal goes down, burns through the membranes. This is all membranes. It’s not just ours.

We see atrocities all day every day. I’m not going to tell you. It does wind us up. People should be more careful with membranes but if they are, they last for a very, very long time.

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