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Hi, this is Paul Evans, Findlay-Evans Waterproofing, Liquid Rubber Melbourne.

A balcony restoration in Brighton East. The builder had come back and supposedly carried out rectifications to a leaking balcony. It still leaked after they had finished. Apart from the litigation side of things we were asked to come in and solve this problem properly.

We set about stripping the entire balcony for them and removing all the existing tiles, making investigations as to where the actual water was coming in.

Once we got to the bare bones of it, we could see what was going on. There were multiple mistakes including wrong falls, no jointing,  inadequate membrane used that is not suitable for outdoor use.

We were compromised slightly by the threshold of the rear door. We actually wanted to install a screed and lift it up so we’d have more falls but it entailed a large sum of money so the owner elected not to do that.  We therefore kept the falls to a bare minimum.  We got just enough of screeding here and there to get the water rolling to the right direction. It’s just okay. Not quite where we’d like it but just okay.

So we put on our premium Liquid Rubber system to make sure that there was no leaks in the future. Then we re-tiled the whole surface with brand new tiles and caulked it all off. As you can see from the photos the job came up really nice and the owner was extremely happy.

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