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Roof Waterproof Coatings

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What is the Best & Most Cost Effective Waterproof Coating for

Flat Roofs?

Liquid Spray Applied Membranes (LAMs) repair and restore just about any type of leaking roof. And without the need to remove the existing roof membrane & surface.  Spray apply directly over failed & leaking coatings - saving time & money.

Roof Thermo Coat

Liquid Membrane waterproof "busy" roof

Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membrane

Liquid Applied Membranes - the industry waterproofing standard

* Roof Liquid Membranes are Seamless & Flexible

* Ideal for Repairs to Existing Roofs - either concrete or metal.

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Using Spray Applied Membranes


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Using Liquid Applied Roof Coatings

Restoring Leaking Roofs Back to New

  • Liquid Applied Waterproofing Systems are a cost-effective alternative to roof replacement.
  • Liquid Membranes will contour to any roof shape: clip lock metal profile, corrugated iron and ideal for "busy" roofs to seal around & under roof utilities and services.
  • Roof coatings designed to extend the life of your existing roof, without the expense of removal and new installation.
  • In addition to cost savings, our spray-applied liquid roof membranes provide a non-disruptive approach to building roof maintenance, allowing occupants to continue their activities without interruption during roof restoration.
  • Roof Restoration & Waterproofing Systems which simultaneously reduces landfill waste and contributes to energy savings by meeting cool roof requirements (based on the particular coating applied).
  • Fully Warranted Roof Restoration & Waterproofing System consists of options that are compatible with most roofing substrates & provides permanent water protection for flat and low pitched roofs - metal, concrete and timber substrates.

FINDLAY & EVANS - Registered Builders & Waterproofing Specialists

Providing our Clients with Trust & Confidence - as builders we have registered building insurance with Victorian Building Authority

Best Roof Waterproofing Product

Liquid Applied Membranes - Ultimate Solution for all Roof Surfaces

Flat - Metal - Concrete - Timber

Melbourne Waterproofing Contractors - We Supply & Install High Performance Waterproofing Products

Spray Applied Roof Waterproofing Membranes

Instant Set Spray Application - Membrane Installation is Extremely Fast

Up to 3 times faster than conventional sheet/torch-on systems.

  • Extremely fast installation & providing significant cost savings due to reduced time.
  • Very often the Findlay & Evans Team can over coat the original roof in a SINGLE seamless spray application of a liquid membrane.
  • Liquid Applied Membranes provide a robust, long term solution for all roof surfaces - new & existing.
  • Liquid membranes are the state-of-the-art alternative to removing and replacing the existing leaking roof.
  • Most often roof replacement is not necessary – after careful preparation our roof waterproofing system can be sprayed over existing surfaces.
  • Seamless, flexible, elastomeric membranes are designed for residential, commercial and industrial roofs: flat, concrete or metal, old or new.

Providing robust long-life waterproofing membranes for all types of roof surfaces, conditions and structural challenges.

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Fix Leaking Roof & Repair Roof Membranes

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Our spray equipment can be dismantled and easily re-assembled on multi level rooftops.

  • This means we can provide waterproofing membranes for all roofs surfaces - no matter how difficult the access.
  • Spray-apply liquid waterproofing will overcoat the entire existing roof surface – in many cases there is no need to remove the roof or even the existing failed sheet membrane.

These hard wearing, seamless, monolithic and flexible waterproofing systems that can also be structurally reinforced.

  • Liquid Applied Membranes (LAM) are capable of resisting UV rays, encapsulating asbestos, withstanding “potable” (standing) water and coping with structural movement and deformation.
  • Our reputation is one of honesty, integrity & professionalism.
  • All water restoration and repairs are supported by our Melbourne based waterproofing company - we stand by our work, uphold all our warranties and return to provide ongoing service & maintenance.
  • The Findlay & Evans Team are OHS compliant and Certified Applicators.
  • All Waterproofing Products supported by manufacturers warranty.

Extreme Flexibility

Spray applied Liquid Rubber over existing torch-on sheet membrane

Waterproofing System for Timber Decks, Balconies & Roof

Case Study - View Video Below

Liquid Membranes - Fast & Instant Set Waterproofing Solution for

Challenging Projects

  • Timber decking can be built over and structurally integrated into a waterproofing membrane below.
  1. 1
    Very often such a design can cause catastrophic failure for the waterproofing product due to penetrations through the membrane causing areas for future water ingress.
  • This Case Study demonstrates the versatility of Liquid Membranes - ideal system providing a water barrier around structural supports.

Rooftop Terrace & Balcony with Instant Turf

  • Findlay & Evans have developed a complete system providing: waterproof membrane, protection barrier and instant turf finish.
  • See here for further details.

Balcony Waterproofing & Restoration

Roof Coatings - Heat Reflective & Thermal Properties

Case Study - View Video Below

Heat reflective waterproofing membranes vastly improves the appearance of existing roofs while saving heating/cooling costs by reducing interior temperature up to 10 degrees.

  • Liquid Waterproofing Membranes provided a fast & efficient solution to this challenging project – it was impossible to remove the roof of this historic power station – spray application was the ideal method.
  • Using a Thermo Top Coat together with Liquid Waterproofing Membranes, a roof becomes permanently impervious to water and also has the properties of UV stable, seamless, flexible and robust roof coating.

Heat Reflective Roof Membrane

Heat Reflective Roof Coatings

Heat Reflective Roof Coatings

Liquid Rubber - Waterproofing Properties

Liquid Rubber Applicators ors Melbourne

Roof Case Studies - Download PDFs Here

Buy Liquid Rubber for DIY Waterproofing

Liquid Rubber comes in handy buckets for the Trade & DIY market

Ideal waterproofing product for small projects and for trades.

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Case Studies - some of our completed roof waterproofing projects - click links below.

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