Liquid Applied Membranes

Waterproofing Using Liquid Applied Membranes

Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membranes

Why do we recommend seamless waterproofing?

Liquid Applied Membranes are most often our waterproofing product of choice - this is because elastomeric waterproof membranes have many unique properties.

Spray Applied Elastomeric Liquid Membrane

Liquid Spray-Applied Waterproofing products were developed to solve the many problems that continually arise with older generation membrane systems i.e torch on, sheet or roll out systems. 

Video Below: Paul Evans, Managing/Director of Findlay-Evans Waterproofing, explains the advantages & benefits of using Liquid Spray On Waterproofing Membranes

Advantages of Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membranes

Spray Applied Liquid Waterproofing

Torch On Waterproofing

Liquid Rubber Membranes have many properties that are superior to traditional waterproofing systems

  • Rapid application - coverage up to 1000m2 a day.
  • Extreme flexibility - allows for structural movement.
  • Horizontal and Vertical surfaces - mould to shape & around services, penetrations etc.
  • No Flames, heat or solvent adhesives used - non toxic, odourless, non-flammable liquid components.
  • Safety & OHS Compliance - No hazard for construction sites, safe for workers & clients during application.
  • Manufacturer & Installer Guarantees - As Registered Building Practitioners under the Victoria Building Authority (VBA) we can offer warranty insurance, full public liability and product insurances.

Problems Encountered with Conventional Waterproofing Systems

Photos below tell part of the story why for many projects Findlay - Evans Waterproofing prefer

Liquid Applied Membranes in preference to Sheet & Torch-On Systems

"I have come across the same problems continuously with sheet membranes and/or torch-on in my 30 years within the construction & waterproofing industry. Sometimes these issues could have been resolved with better preparation and best practice application of the waterproofing membrane, however there are several inherent problems associated with these waterproofing products."

Sheet membrane - seams & joins de-laminate

Unable to withstand "ponding" water

Sheet membrane - not fully bonded to substrate

Using Liquid Waterproofing Products

  • Spray application is a rapid waterproofing method - up to three times faster than conventional sheet waterproofing.
  • Instant Set - enables shorter windows of opportunity to carry out application.
  • Can be applied on slightly damp surfaces - sometimes a necessary requirement for winter projects.
  • Requires no primers, mixers, flames or heat - contributing to safer and faster applications.
  • Our membranes have elasticity 110% - this flexibility allows for substrate movement.
  • Combine excellent strength and elasticity together with extreme surface adhesion.
  • Monolithic, seamless & instant set membranes immidiately on application.
  • Liquid Rubber will not oxidize, craze, crack, loosen or scale with time and ageing. 
  • These membranes withstanding soil stresses and resists attack from alkalis, acids, salts, pollution and moisture.
  • Single & fully bonded membrane without joins, seams or overlaps - seamless continuous waterproof coating.

Balcony Waterproofing Membrane

Heat Reflective Roof Membrane - Melbourne

Below Ground Tanking

  • Its monolithic, seamless property and the capability to conform to every configuration is causing its demand to escalate in the global construction industry.
  • LAM is a low viscosity waterproofing membrane which is applied as a liquid coating to horizontal and vertical surfaces.  
  • Liquid applied elastomeric membranes are single or double component membranes which tend to form a flexible, tough, elastomeric, membrane with premium mechanical properties. 
  • These membranes are having a wide application in the construction industry for waterproofing and protecting surfaces against abrasion and chemicals.
  • Usage of bad quality construction material in the past, followed by poor maintenance of the building strucure is creating a strong market for repair and rehabilitation, which can be resolved by liquid applied membranes. 
  • About 40-45% of the demand for liquid applied membrane comes from repair and restoration projects. 
  • Liquid applied membranes are also efficient in reducing cracks in the concrete, thus driving its demand across the globe.

Elastomeric Membranes: Fastest Growing Waterproofing product on the Market

Paul Evans. Managing Director, is a Registered Building Practitioner specializing in Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membranes & is the current President of the Australian Institute Waterproofing (AIW)

Melbourne Certified Waterproofing Contractors & Registered Building Practitioner
A waterproofing company that thinks CONSTRUCTION.

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Roof Repairs - Remedial Waterproofing


The Australian Institute of Management (AIM) recently engaged F.E.W Waterproofing to resurface the Level 6 plant area which was prone to water leakage.

Liquid Rubber was used and is brilliant seamless product; we were very impressed with the finished product.

The F.E.W workmanship was of a high standard. Since having the Liquid Rubber laid down we have not experienced any water leaks.

D. Papal Australian Institute of Management (Vic & Tas) Building Manager 

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