Concrete Slab – Liquid Waterproof Coatings

Concrete Slab – Liquid Waterproof Coatings

Foundation Waterproofing Method - Liquid Rubber

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  • The edges of a concrete slab need to be completely waterproofed correctly to prevent water ingress between the concrete slab and the plastic barrier underneath.
  • It is vital the lateral edges of a concrete slab are waterproofed completely.
  • These edges are areas of a concrete slab which are prone for water to enter when a building is subjected to heavy rain or overflow.

Liquid Rubber Membranes – Concrete 

Liquid Rubber membrane strongly adheres to the concrete substrate preventing lateral migration of water between the slab and the plastic water barrier underneath.

DIY Waterproofing Product

If your project/s are smaller retaining walls, the DIY option is viable. Liquid Rubber can be purchased in handy DIY buckets for brush, trowel or roller application.

  • Make sure your concrete slabs are waterproofed correctly.
  • Applying Liquid Rubber using a paint brush is easy, fast and cost effective.
  • Liquid Rubber waterproofing has a thick paint like consistency and is easy for the DIY to apply.
  • Useful waterproofing technique builders themselves can implement without the need to engage the services of a waterproof contractor.

DIY Case Study - View Video Below 

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