Waterproofing – Commercial

Commercial and Industrial Roofs - Waterproofing Methods

Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membranes (LAMs) are the ultimate protective coating for all roof surfaces - existing or new, flat or pitched.

Liquid Applied Membranes - spray directly over an existing damaged roof surface.

  • No need to replace existing roof.
  • Liquid membranes can be sprayed over the existing damaged roof membrane - no need to remove.
  • Save costs as fast spray application saves time & often under the cost of roof replacement.
  • Eliminate costly down time involved with complete roof replacement.

Case Study: Thermo Top Coat over Liquid Rubber Membrane

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Registered Building Practitioner & Specialist Waterproofing Applicators

Certified Applicators for Liquid Rubber Waterproofing Membranes

  • For years we have been looking for an alternative to traditional sheet, roll-on and heat applied waterproofing methods.
  • All these systems have many disadvantages i.e. joins/seam, heat & flames, catalysts, VOCs, safety issues, and many do not  exhibit strong adhesion and therefore are not fully bonded to the substrate.
  • Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membranes are a great alternative to bitumen roofing, EPDM, sheet and roll-on waterproofing products.

Unique Properties of Liquid Waterproofing Membranes

  • Extreme Flexibility
  • Robust Adhesion to just about ALL substrates
  • Seamless, Monolithic Membrane - no joins, seams or overlaps
  • Liquid Membranes will conform to any shape & around services
  • Unprecedented Longevity
  • UV Stable, Chemical & Pollution Resistant

A single spray-applied coat of LIQUID RUBBER waterproofing membrane will bring an entire roof back to life

  • Liquid Membranes have a very fast method of application - using a spray-applied installation up to 1000m per day can be achieved - which can be readily applied over existing failed sheet or torch-on membrane systems.
  • This will create a new seamless and monolithic roof membrane that exhibits a robust water barrier combined with extreme longevity.

Case Study: Severe cracks on existing roof membrane

Roof with new membrane

Heat Reflective Roof Waterproofing Membranes

  • Designed to be applied directly over the Liquid Rubber Waterproofing Membrane forming a Thermal Top Coat.
  • This combination provides both a Waterproofing Membrane + UV Reflective Top Coat.
  • Excellent chemical resistance and durability.
  • UV Resistant - does not soften with temperature change and heat.
  • Reflective Top Coat absorbs less sunlight than a conventional roof surface.
  • Reduces interior temperatures by up to 8-10 degrees.

Liquid Membranes can be used on a variety of roof surfaces

Waterproof Balcony

Flat Concrete Roof

Liquid Applied Membranes (LAMs) are suitable for almost all types of commercial and industrial roofing:

  • Metal, Clip Lock & Corrugated Iron
  • Aluminium
  • Flat Concrete
  • Timber &  Scyon
  • Asbestos

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Liquid Membrane sprayed on irregular shaped architectural designed residential construction.

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