Waterproofing Repairs to Existing Roof Membrane

Solving Roof Leaks With Liquid Waterproofing

Case Study - Roof Repairs

How to repair a roof with an existing leaking waterproofing membrane

  • The Findlay-Evans Team were contracted to repair a leaking commercial rooftop; the existing membrane had deteriorated – most likely due to an inability to move with expansion and contraction of the roof surface.
  • We over coated the existing damaged membrane with a spray apply Liquid Rubber waterproofing barrier.
  • This provided a robust waterproofing membrane with fast spray installation without the costly alternative and disruption of replacing the old roof.

Case Study Video: Rooftop Membrane Repairs

Using Liquid Rubber Waterproofing Membranes

  • Our preferred choice of waterproofing product for roof projects is the Liquid Rubber system.
  • Liquid Rubber membranes have the unique properties of extreme flexibility combined with robust adhesion to the surface – both ideal qualities for a rooftop waterproofing membrane.

Flexibility is a vital property for quality roof waterproofing membranes

Extreme Flexibility of Liquid Rubber

  • Liquid Rubber membrane will expand and contract with the thermal cycle of a building. This means Liquid Rubber has the capability of moving with the structure or substrate it is adhered to.
  • Liquid Rubber has an elasticity with elongation to 800% and memory 95%.
  • There is no other product on the market that we know of that can move with buildings and structures in such way as Liquid Rubber.
  • Liquid Rubber also has the added ability of enhanced longevity and guaranteed will not crack with age.

Why Use Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membranes

  • Liquid Membranes provide a robust fully bonded waterproof membrane – NO SEAMS OR JOINS.
  • Liquid roof membranes also conform to the contour and shape of the roof substrate – perfect for profiles, complex and irregular contours.

Seamless Liquid Waterproofing

Spray Applied Liquid Waterproofing Applications

  • Sheet membranes have seams or joins which are a point of weakness for water leaks – there is always the potential for joins to delaminate with age.
  • Water can then track underneath these cracked joins and quite often end up quite a distance from the original point of entry.  This makes it extremely difficult to detect the source of water leaks and provide a solution.
  • Liquid applied membranes are a monolithic, fully-bonded and strongly adhered membrane without joins or seams – preventing cracking due to aging and UV sunlight.

Waterproofing Membranes - Seamless & Flexible

  • Spray application is a very fast process – we can spray up to 800m2 coverage per day of a rapid curing waterproof membrane, depending on climatic conditions. 
  • Liquid Rubber membranes can provide water protection to a wide range of surfaces – concrete, timer, metal, flat, sloped or curved. This is an effective and cost efficient method of remedial work without the costly need of removing the existing roof.

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