Concrete & Waterproofing Repairs

Specialist Contractor for Waterproofing & Concrete Repairs

F.E.W Waterproofing are experienced and knowledgeable contractors offering waterproofing and remediation repairs using quality products with guaranteed long life and durability.

  • We provide tailored solutions for each project by offering a range of high performance products selected as the required solution for each problem.
  • Amongst our arsenal of leading products are materials designed as a moisture barrier in joints and penetrations, systems providing flexible monolithic liquid membranes for both internal and external applications.
  • You can rest assured we are trained and approved applicators for leading concrete waterproofing and repair products.

Crack Injection is an ideal method for concrete waterproofing & corrosion protection.

Ceiling showing pins and water reactive polyurethane injected under high pressure.

F.E.W Waterproofing – Certified Liquid Rubber Applicators based in Melbourne

F.E.W Waterproofing offers various solutions to failed & leaking concrete at joins, penetrations and seams but otherwise are intact.

Our Team can overcoat these existing surfaces with a spray application of liquid waterproofing coatings that will firmly adhere to the concrete substrate - creating a robust long life surface.

Liquid Membranes provide a fully bonded seamless waterproof system over the existing failed surface.

Video - Damaged concrete flat roof requiring remedial work

Concrete Floor Repairs

Factory & Industrial Floors – Repairs

Having safe, smooth and non-slippery floors without holes, widening or gaps is an important safety issue.

Obviously industrial floors do not have to be as aesthetically pleasing as residential flooring.  

Factory /Industrial floors need to be safe, clean and professional.

Whatever condition your factory/warehouse floor is in, we offer various repair options combined with numerous products to do the job.

F.E.W repair concrete floors damaged by equipment, forklifts and machinery.

  • Patch and Repair
  • Grind the Concrete Floor
  • Re-seal Concrete Floor to appropriate specification.

The F.E.W TEAM repair all types of concrete cracks, water leaks and waterproofing building maintenance requirements. We provide sealing, remediation, refurbishment and/or waterproofing solutions for an entire building infrastructure.

Feather Edge Repairs

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