Best Waterproofing Membrane for Leaking Metal Roofs

How to Repair Leaking Metal Roof 

Best Waterproofing System to Stop Leaking Roof 

Liquid Membranes Ideal for Metal Roof with Contours & Profile

Why Use Spray-On Waterproofing Membrane

  • Spray On Liquid Membranes ensures  the waterproof coating will conform around any shape & completely seal around roof fixings, seams, metal welds and joints and A/C units.
  • Liquid Applied Waterproofing is the ideal product for sealing  and restoring a "busy" rooftops that have multiple services & utilities.

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Best Waterproof Coating for Metal Roofs 

Liquid Roof Coatings provide a viable long-term alternative to removing and replacing the existing roof.

  • RAPID INSTALLATION  - Spray application for roof membranes is fast -  up to 1000 sq/m per day.
  • Spray apply membranes can be up to 3 x times faster than other waterproofing systems like Torch On, Torch Applied & Sheet waterproofing products.
  • This means a roof can be waterproofed quickly & efficiently without affecting or disrupting the workplace beneath.

Membrane technologies have produced liquid waterproofing materials that are easy to apply, non-toxic, odourless, solvent free, with seamless application and high strength and bonding characteristics.

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Extreme Flexibility

Cold spray-applied membranes cure into a seamless waterproof coating that has extreme flexibility

Liquid Membranes have extreme flexibility - up to 750%.

The roof membrane will expand and contract  with temperature fluctuations and thermal cycle .

Roof Repairs Using Liquid Waterproofing Systems 

  • Liquid Rubber waterproofing membranes will repair a leaking roof with a single spray over the existing roof surface & membrane.
  • Save time and money not having to remove and replace the damaged membrane or roof.
  • Liquid membranes are applied in a single coat - this will combat flaking, rusting and peeling metal.
  • Applied directly to the roof with no priming - offers a 100% waterproofing formula with robust adhesion.
  • These are fast-acting protective membranes that will protect and preserve the life, look and performance of roofs for all types of building structures.
  • Liquid membranes provide robust reinforcement & waterproof protection over all roof seams and joins  -  as the roof coating is seamless - water cannot seep through no matter the direction of wind or rain

Roof Coatings 

  • Liquid Waterproofing Systems have many advantages over traditional types of waterproofing products i.e sheet, roll on and torch on - particularly within the refurbishment sector.
  • Liquid Roof Membranes  do not require heat, flames or torches for application and satisfies all OH&S requirements. 
  • These advantages over traditional types of waterproofing products i.e sheet, roll on and torch on - is particularly important within the refurbishment roofing sector.

Spray Applied Liquid Waterproofing

Liquid roof coatings offer a seamless finish curing to a permanently elastic, seamless membrane. This  is the ideal roof repair method for long term waterproofing of awkward roof details such as pipe penetrations, roof upstands and gutters.

Liquid roof systems are the perfect choice for  long term protection of all common roof surfaces:

  • Clip Lock & Tray Deck
  • Steel
  • Corrugated Iron
  • Aluminium
  • Asbestos
  • Bitumen, Concrete, Timber & Corrugated Fibro

Fix Leaking Roof with Lasting Waterproofing Repair

We regularly come across deteriorated existing roof that have caused extensive damage due to water leaks.

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  • There are many different products on the market however our product of choice are Liquid Applied Membranes (LAM).
  • These membranes are seamless, elastomeric coatings which also have the advantage of being extremely robust and with full adherence to just about any surface – also comes with a 15 year warranty.
  • Liquid Rubber Waterproofing Membranes are a great alternative to bitumen roofing, sheet and rolls which have many disadvantages i.e joins/seam, heat & flames and are not fully bonded to the substrate.

Heat Reflective & Solar Roof Coatings 

Liquid Roof Coatings are suitable for application of a Thermal & Insulating Top Coat. 

Existing membrane: Leaking roof with badly deteriorated membrane.

Roof after liquid coating + thermal top coat

Thermal Top Coats provide an enhanced and extremely effective protective roof surface rather than application of a conventional waterproofing membrane alone.

Elastomeric Liquid Roof Coatings

  • Thermal roof coatings offer high light reflectivity and dissipation of heat while reducing UV light degradation.
  • Interior temperatures are reduced approx 10 degrees, saving air conditioning/heating energy and so providing significant cost savings.
  • UV Roof products are also a spray-applied system providing a seamless roof coating which bonds to the base membrane and remains flexible without cracking or deterioration over time.

Spray Application of Thermo Top Coat

Case Study

Metal Roof Waterproofing Membrane for Shipping Container

  • Shipping containers provide an affordable structure that can be modified in various ways creating a multitude of uses.
  • We provided a Liquid Rubber waterproof membrane for these three shipping containers in an inner suburb of Melbourne that were being transformed into a trendy urban cafe.

Case Study - Video Below

Edited Video Transcript Below

We were asked to apply the Liquid Rubber system as this membrane had the special properties required: robust, UV resistant, extreme flexibility, bonds directly to the metal shipping containers and follow the contours of .

Preparation for this project involved power washing the surface thoroughly, removing any loose material. There was some remaining paint and as it was firmly bonded to the metal surface, Liquid Rubber was sprayed over the existing material.

There were box gutters installed between each shipping container, linking the roof together. These box gutters were detailed by hand individually, including air conditioning, vents and even the storm water outlets.
Once these were all detailed, the cold spray application of the Liquid Rubber membrane started.

Liquid membrane spray application is fast and efficient – this job was sprayed in the course of one day – approximately 118 sq/m.

The finished coating was approximately1.5 mm thickness overall, however with all the detailing there were areas of 2 -2.2 mm.

Liquid Rubber is highly flexible – so as these metal containers move with thermal changes, the waterproofing membrane will also move. In the summer months the shipping containers will move – expansion during the daytime heat and then contraction with the cooling down at night.

This continual expansion and contraction is one of the most devastating scenarios for most waterproofing membranes.
Many membranes do not have flexible properties and under climatic cycles will crack, leading to water leaks.

As Liquid Rubber is highly flexible and will move and work with the whole structure and building and keep it all watertight.

Liquid Rubber provides a long lasting protective water barrier for all types of flat and pitched roofs.

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