Waterproofing Concrete Tanks

Waterproofing Membranes for Concrete Tanks

When it comes to preventing water damage and preserving concrete storage structures, robust waterproofing membranes are essential.

Concrete tanks play a vital role in containment: they function as drinking water containers, in wastewater treatment plants and water storage reservoirs. So waterproofing protection for concrete structures requires that the membrane will act to keep water & products in while at the same time keeping environmental contaminants out.

The elasticity of Liquid Rubber allows for substrate movement which is vital especially for concrete storage tanks. Concrete may eventually crack (and leak) due to shrinkage, settling, problems due to unstable soil and other factors.

Liquid Rubber has low permeability, excellent adhesion and elasticity , which all make this the ideal waterproof membrane to prevent water damage and bridge stress cracks in concrete