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Waterproofing Contractors in Melbourne CBD Commercial Waterproofers 

Waterproofing  Contractors - Licensed, Specialists & Expert Company

  • Waterproofing Specialists based in Melbourne, providing waterproofing installation & application, concrete protection and corrosion control services throughout Victoria.
  • With over 30 years in the construction industry both as a builder and waterproofer, Findlay-Evans Waterproofing has the expertise and experience to provide protective application systems for your project.
  • So whether your project is a tunnel, water treatment plant, planter boxes, balcony, green roof, underground facility, parking deck, new roof or refurbishing an existing roof we can offer solutions.

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Unlike other building components that might be designed to be replaced several times within the overall building lifetime, below grade systems need to be built to approximate the entire service life of a building.

If you’re a commercial property owner or body corporate, you need to maintain your fire service tank.
Fire service tanks form part of the building infrastructure and are therefore the responsibility of the property owner.

Liquid Spray Applied Membranes can repair and restore just about any type of leaking roof - metal, corrugated iron, clip lok & tray deck, concrete, flat, slow slope.

And very often without the need to remove the existing damaged and failed waterproofing membrane.

Below ground waterproofing is as important as the very foundations supporting the building envelope.

Without the combination of sound & watertight foundations a structure will deteriorate rapidly.

Below grade structural waterproofing are often inaccessible and extremely costly if repairs are required. 

Find out how to PERMANENTLY waterproof below ground.

Meet Paul Evans  

Manager/Director Findlay-Evans  

Waterproofing Contractor
& Registered Building Practitioner 

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Melbourne Waterproofers - Australian Institute of Waterproofing

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