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A Waterproofing Company That Thinks Construction

Findlay-Evans Waterproofing are BOTH Registered Building Practitioner (RBP) & Certified Waterproofers

Providing Expert Structural Waterproofing + Construction Repairs

  • Combining both CONSTRUCTION & WATERPROOFING knowledge.
  • Findlay & Evans Waterproofing with the structural expertise & knowledge to solve the many challenges involved with water ingress.
  • Findlay & Evans Waterproofing is in the unique position of over 30 years of construction experience to the application & installation of waterproofing membranes.
  • Our Team of Waterproofers are Certified, Trained & Employees - we do not use subcontractors.

Why Choose Findlay & Evans Waterproofing

Hands-on Managing Director

  • As a Registered Building Practitioner, Paul frequently encountered sub-optimum waterproofing procedures - poorly performed due to inferior workmanship and/or utilizing incorrect materials and often combined with a lack of understanding and knowledge of construction methods. 
  • Paul was convinced the construction industry deserved access to better trained and knowledgeable waterproofing expertise.
  • Consequently when the opportunity arose to become Manager/Director of one of Melbourne's well established and reputable names in the waterproofing industry - Findlay Waterproofing, Paul considered his construction experience would be a great fit with an expert waterproofing company.

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The Team

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  • All work is supported by company, manufacturers warranty, OHS compliant and certified applicators.
  • We use flexible, seamless elastomeric water based membranes which are considered the ultimate waterproofing product due to it's unique capabilities - many other waterproofing methods cannot offer these properties. 
  • Construction knowledge is critical point of difference when providing solutions in the problematic area of waterproofing and protective coatings.

Findlay & Evans specialise in state-of-the-art new generation

Ultimate waterproofing product for all above & below ground projects.



Case Study Video - Waterproofing Restoration

Flat Concrete Roof Remedial Waterproofing
A challenging project involving a historical power station located in Melbourne CBD

Insurance companies report waterproofing is usually less than 1% of building costs but water leaks and subsequent damage represent approx 80% of building defects!

Exceptional Customer Service & Expert Advice

We provide continued support from waterproofing concept at planning stage through to completion and full after service.

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Certified Applicators for Liquid Rubber Waterproofing Systems 

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Balcony Leaks

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Basement and retaining walls

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Concrete Repair

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