Water Damage Restoration Service in Melbourne

Water Damage Restoration Service in Melbourne

Waterproofing Services in Melbourne

Waterproofing & Construction Company - Melbourne

Water leaks can become a major problem for construction companies, developers, owners corporations, and property owners and  managers.  Waterproofing represents only a minor part of the overall construction, however it is critical that a qualified waterproofing contractor using the correct products for the relevant project. Serious damage maybe brought on by water leaks, both structurally and aesthetically. 

Waterproofing & Construction Company - Melbourne

FINDLAY-EVANS Melbourne Waterproofing Contractor

What Causes Balcony Leaks and Waterproofing Failure

A high-profile tragedy in California USA June 16, 2015, unfortunately highlighted the importance of waterproofing. 

Berkeley - California USA - Balcony Collapse

A high-profile tragedy in California USA June 16, 2015, unfortunately highlighted the importance of waterproofing. 

Five Irish students and one Irish American died following the collapse of a balcony on the fifth floor where they were standing. Several others were injured.

Grief for families went to outrage, however, when the California State Licensing Board subsequently ruled that the collapse had been a resulted of shoddy material selection and poor waterproofing workmanship, which had enabled dry rot and decay to embed in within timber joists.

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Melbourne Roof Waterproofing Services

Water leaks can be very difficult to find as water tracks quite a distance from the point of origin. Finding a leak in a flat metal roof maybe easier than concrete roofs, however very often a complete spray application with Liquid Rubber roof waterproofing product will repair a leaking roof back to new. Where water enters your interior space might not be exactly where the leak is, because when water penetrates a roofing membrane, it can easily travel for some distance until it finds a seam in the sub-roof or sheathing and seeps inside.

Superior Seamless Roofing are experts in repairing every type of flat roofing system in existence today. If you have a flat roof that needs repair, contact them today to provide excellent solutions to meet both your budget and needs.

An often-quoted statistic in the waterproofing and insurance industry is:

"waterproofing is 1.8% of construction cost but represent 83% of building defect complaints".

Waterproofing Standards in Australia

Waterproofing defects and failures, including internal water damage and water entering from the exterior of a building, are the top source of building defects facing Australia's construction landscape today. Defects from ineffective waterproofing represent a huge cost to builders and business. And let's not forget the home owners who often face disastrous damage/s brought on by water leaks, then may have to endure lengthy legal battles for rectification costs or face these costs themselves.

Construction and waterproofing contractors not only will need to manage the frustration of needing to manage water leaks issues long after construction is complete, but also are losing a large chunk of their profit margins to waterproofing rectification and remedial services.

Waterproofing Company in Melbourne

Findlay-Evans Waterproofing is a commercial waterproofing contractor based in Melbourne, Australia. 

The company has a specific focus on waterproofing, and it has been created with a vision: offering the most reliable waterproofing work to the construction industry.

Findlay-Evans  are committed to serving their clients with high-quality workmanship, relying on a skilled and vastly experienced team of professionals who know their trade inside out and are passionate about their work.

Findlay-Evans manager and director, Paul Evans, is also the current President of the Australian Institute of Waterproofing (AIW) and he is entirely dedicated to enhancing his industry with quality and innovation, each step of the way. 

Through his work with Findlay-Evans Waterproofing, Paul set out to combine in-depth construction knowledge with advanced water prevention technique, becoming extremely conscious about design and practicality in a wide variety of applications.

Paul and Findlay-Evans specialize  in remedial,  waterproofing and water restoration services in Melbourne.

For over 13 years, Paul has been a trusted name in the industry, and he is a true local authority when it comes to waterproofing embraces, crack injection and concrete waterproof repairs, as well as other approaches.

Firmly believing that “the construction industry deserves access to better trained and more knowledgeable waterproofing experts, Paul is proud to be working with one of Melbourne’s most established firms in the sector, bringing his construction experience to the table.

Paul is very active within the professional waterproofing community, often giving talks and posting content related to innovative products, new designs and novel developments in the industry. 

Waterproofing Company Melbourne Victoria

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* WATERPROOFING ROOFS - Concrete & Metal.
*UNDER CONCRETE SLAB - vapour barrier.
* LIQUID RUBBER - Spray On Liquid Membranes. Seamless & Extreme Flexibility - structural waterproofing membranes that move with the building envelope.

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