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We recommend that you perform regular maintenance

on your building structures, balconies and roof.

Very often we come across a failed membrane due to damage from subsequent trades or works performed further down the track.

We have seen electricians, plumbers etc etc  drill  straight through our membranes.

Another common issue is not using  membrane protection for below ground waterproofing.

Backfilling is then done, consisting of stones & rubble, directly onto the waterproof membrane.

We have seen it all !

Damaged membrane due to falling stones

One of our membranes after tradies placed equipment on it !

We offer a full warranty and stand by our promise to get your waterproofing project right.

However if the problem is unrelated to our workmanship, we will charge a $250 CALL OUT fee, plus the cost of any subsequent repair work as required.

Please complete the Warranty Form below and our office will be in touch with you soon.

Providing as much information as you can in the Message Field will help us resolve your issues as quickly as possible.  

i.e Site Address; Date of Project; Invoice Number; Description of problem etc



[vc_contact_form form_name_field=”required” form_email_field=”required” form_phone_field=”show” button_type=”primary” form_email=”info@waterproofingfew.com.au”]


I acknowledge and agree that if the problem is not as a result of faulty workmanship or materials, I will be charged a $250 CALL OUT out fee plus the cost of any subsequent repair work.

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