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Hello, this is Paul Evans, Findlay Evans Waterproofing Melbourne.

A remedial waterproofing project I’d like to share with you, it’s fairly complex and tricky. We’re feeling proud of the end result on this one. We’re working with a major builder on the Springvale Road Rail Alliance – a tunnel overpass on the Springvale Road Railway Station, over the railway line.

Required waterproofing remediation work and called us in after a number of attempts to waterproof the underside by others which didn’t work.

Required all the paving from the upper levels to the foot path levels removed, and apply LIQUID RUBBER WATERPROOFING over the existing concrete slab.

This concrete slab was quite rough. You can see from some of these images, as we had to scour back off &remove all the sand and cement mortar, which was supporting these pavements. There was a lot of channels, a lot of cables, and lot of penetrations, trenches, drainage, grates and so on.

We had to had to basically work our way in and do a lot of hand detailing beforehand, just to ensure we had a water tight seal.

So all the guys got stuck in worked pretty well and did a fine job of detailing everything. The existing tiles that were left there & we had to work around. We took particular attention to mask all the tiles so no over spray onto them.

After tiles masked off, used the twin head spray gun to apply LIQUID RUBBER. There was a couple of variations involve which we successfully carried out for them: the drainage system needed to have some forms built into it, so we put special screening into that, so the forms would all run away and also create a sub draining and a special area with fibre glass reinforcing mesh.

Waterproofing concrete tunnel membrane…

Very successful project, builder was very, very happy with what we did and we’re proud of what we’ve done there.

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