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Hello, this is Paul Evans of Liquid Rubber Melbourne and Findlay-Evans Waterproofing. Just want to share with you a job that’s recently been completed at Bega Cheese in New South Wales. We were contracted to go up there and apply Liquid Rubber to a chemical bund area that they use for storing, stacking, and holding chemical buns that are used in cheese making.

Interesting job took thorough preparation of the concrete first of all by cleaning it thoroughly by power washing it and allowing it to dry. Once that was happening, we applied a render prime product to seal the concrete and help prevent chemicals leaching back out into the membrane system.

Once that was cured, we set about masking up all the intricate pipework and various bits and pieces that didn’t need to be sprayed and didn’t want to be sprayed. So we did all that; that took quite some preparation. Then the crew set about preparing by hand, and they detailed all the steel, concrete, cement sheet using our Liquid Rubber paint roller applied.

Once that was done, we set up the purpose-built special spray rig in our Liquid Rubber mobile van and sprayed the entire confinement area. This was sprayed to a 1.5mm (1500 microns) thick coating just to make sure that we had a good coating over the whole area.

The client was very happy with the whole process of it, and we’re going back up to do the fire services tank in the near future.


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