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Hello, this is Paul Evans, Findlay Evans Waterproofing MelbourneAnother case study. This is a large job in Somerton which is called Steel Mains. It’s a large factory complex which is used for fabricating steel pipes. Inside the plant is a, or many, large vats which are at high temperature, and subsequent water leaks were causing big issues with these vats that can cause minor explosions. We were asked to come in and see if we could solve them problem.

We did a wide remediation survey of the roof to try and find specific spots where it may be leaking. We found that is was right over all the entire roof which is causing issues. So the decision was made to spot fix the various areas around ventilators and so on that were causing major issues, and then we were the whole section of the roof. So we cleaned the whole job right down with power washing it, then detailed it all by hand. Detailing it entails laying down a polyethylene fabric and liquid rubber as a base.

Once that’s done we sprayed it with an etch coat primer which comes up as black in those images. Then once the edge coat was secured we proceeded to apply a top coat of our thermal top coat. Now this top coat, by coincidence, drops down the temperature inside the building by around eight to 10 degrees which is a huge saving for ventilation, air conditioning, if that’s what’s running. This particular case It’s just really hot inside, so the guys were very thankful that this summer that at least they’ll be having a lower temperature inside.

It’s quite a big area so there’s lots of images. So we do each section by section and work our way through it. It was a case of laying down one base coat of the top coat, then another following coat, and then the subsequent coat after that. So this ended up with three coats of top coat over the top of the etch to get a good membrane system over the whole thing.

Results were very, very pleasing, management was extremely happy, they were very comfortable with the price that we quoted, and the work was carried out efficiently.

So we came here to do that with honors, and if you have a roof with the same sort of situation please give us a call. We’re happy to talk to you. You can contact us on Melbourne 88122918, and of course our website, you can always, www. waterproofingfew Thanks for listening.

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