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This is Paul Evans here to present another one of our jobs that we completed a little while ago now.

We’ll just call it Santorini, it’s an apartment block and it’s got a rooftop. Sort of al fresco garden area and the residents use this as a balcony. It was leaking very seriously throughout the building.

The builders run off from them and left them having to fix this themselves. We’re looking for a cost-effective treatment to get this sorted out for them. So we proposed that we go over the top of the tiles which is not a normal operation of ours, but to save the cost of removal all the tiles which is quite costly we agreed to do it because the substrate and the tiles were sount. That means that they weren’t drummy or popping up all over.

We considered that that was probably a job worth doing it. So we stripped the whole job out, cleaned out all the planter boxes and then progressed to grinding all the surfaces first to get a key up for the membrane to bond to. Then we installed the two or three coats of liquid rubber as the base coating and  after detailing all joints and junctions throughout the whole job. Once we got a couple of coats down we moved on to our top coating system which is the thermal reflective top coat and that went down with three coats in this particular instance built up a good body and that’s including all the planter boxes. All the planter boxes were all then treated to Arma-Blue which is a protective sheet of running sheet and also the other surfaces around the planter boxes.

We’re having a synthetic glass installed so we we installed Arma-blue there as well. Were left open so drainage system still works below.

Pretty complex job, some of the areas were fairly tiny and we had to work at heights in some areas and you can see there in the video that we’ve harnessed up and working to prevent anybody falling out of the edge.

So forth a little video here showing just a panoramic shot of the grass installed the synthetic grass so moving on from that the finished job so they come up very attractive actually once the planter boxes were all reinstated and the grass installed we have very high quality grass and store that does their work for us. They work in conjunction with us. Look all in all the customers were very happy with the with the look and the fact that we dropped all the legs there was other sections

it which we haven’t shown here there was number of different other rooms that we did as well but look if you go job like this that you need us to look at we have to come and look at it and give you an appraisal and an estimate on on rectification cost so give us a call on eight eight one two two nine nine eight in Melbourne or just visit our website.

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