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Hello, viewers, this is Paul Evans from Findlay-Evans Waterproofing and Liquid Rubber Melbourne. We’re back again to share with you a little experience for a rooftop plant deck remediation job we did. There’s a relatively small job, but it was fairly detailed, and it was very critical that we got this right because it was leaking into a large administrative building in Sunshine that is used by a government department, and we had to stop the water from leaking into the building.

This was a torch-applied sheet membrane that had been laid some years ago. It appeared to be in reasonable condition, but one closer inspection showed that all the joints and junctions were leaking, and possibly due to continual expansion and contraction by heat and cold, and the joints had let go and were allowing water to move into and under the sheet membrane. It was traveling quite some distance underneath the membrane because there’s minor little passages underneath there.

Anyway, we went to a great extent to clean it properly by power washing it. Once it was power washed, we allowed it to dry and came back the next day and masked everything up. The plant equipment had to be masked up so we wouldn’t coat that. Once that was all coated up, the boys set about setting up the rig, which was down on the ground floor, quite a fair way away, so we communicated by radio. We use little headsets and transmitters to communicate between the spray rig and the applicators up in the plant area because they couldn’t see or hear each other, so we had to communicate by radio. That was fine.

And then they set about spraying everything, gave it a nice good coating of 1.5mm (1500 microns) thick, and overcoated the whole system, making it watertight, and everybody was happy.

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