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Hello, this is Paul, from Findlay-Evans waterproofing. Just would like to share a job that we have recently completed.

Just to describe step by step how we went about it.

It was reasonably small home, by the seaside in Victoria. The owner who’s an architect decided that he would like to have green roof. So we went ahead and waterproofed his rooftop balcony.  This was laid with scyon sheeting first.

Preparation was fairly methodical in this case. We went over the top of the polyurethane that the builders had installed. Every single joint and fixing point throughout the whole area. Then we masked off and got ready for spraying. We went ahead and got the Liquid Rubber coating applied. Nice coat of approximately 1.5mm thick overall in one harmonious spray. No joins no seams, which is a very important part in our view.

This way no water can get underneath and  the membrane is fully bonded to the surface.

After the Rubber was down we allowed that to cure for about 2-3 week in this case. Then we came back can installed a product called Arma-Blue which is a self adhesive protection sheet. That protects the membrane from any damage.

Later on we came back and installed the fake grass and made sure there was no bubbling and that the job was all finished off nicely.

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