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Hello, this is Paul Evans, Findlay-Evans Waterproofing and Building Services Australia. Just want to introduce you to a small job that we’ve personally completed, the turn under slab membrane. This is used in lieu of your plastic material that is generally used to thirty constants. The problem with the plastic is that the laps are all duct-taped together. Duct tape gives way pretty much when you pour concrete on top of it, leaving openings in the plastic joins, and moisture can get into your slab, a very, very common problem.

This system that we’ve got, which is cloaking, which is a full bonded membrane on geo fabric, creates a full membrane to probably stir getting into the slab, keeping it nice and dry and crispy, which is exactly what you need. This was a full containment setup where we lay down a geotech fabric and then prepared all the joints and junctions around pipes and so on. Quite tricky because there were lots of first sewer and stormwater pipes involved in this one, and then we sprayed it with liquid rubber flexible spray. This takes care of all the sort of unusual shapes and joints and junctions into the trenches.

Concrete slab was then, very mesh was prepared for a concrete slab, and a slab was poured out of the top. This one, in particular, was set up because it was lower than street level, and water migration would have saturated the slab over a period of time. This one will prove this treatment will prevent the slab from getting wet and keep it dry. It can also be used for vapor mitigation if you’ve got some sort of leaching chemicals and that underneath that might need or petrol sites quite often get used, so you can use this system in that as well.

So have you got any questions?

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