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Hello, it’s Paul Evans, Findlay-Evans Waterproofing and in this case a bit of Building Services Australia.

Ming, Mr. Ming as we call him, fantastic guy, had been through the ringer. This chap had a brand new house built, one of three built on a big block in Doncaster. The builder  had been back to try and stop the water flowing down to this gentleman’s house which basically had a swimming pool underneath.

I actually meat the builder on site by coincidence and told him how to properly do the waterproofing, but he thought he knew better. So he went about waterproofing his own way which is a piece of plastic from a large hardware store and of course when that was all done and back filled it started to leak again.

Ming called me back and said Paul, you’ve got to help us. So we went about digging right down to its’ core cause once again. We installed all new drainage system and had our plumber fabricate a special 100mm pipe into so it wouldn’t crash under the weight of the back fill.

It was a really tight situation, our applicators were fantastic. They got down and got stuck to it and did it absolutely perfectly. We put our Arma-Blue protection sheet down to stop the membrane from getting damaged. Then we installed the plumbing system which was done by MA Dillon. Then back filled with crushed rock.

We were also asked to carry out concreting works. we had our concreters come in do some excavation  and concreted various sections colour matching everything.

Ming was very very happy with the results and reported some months ago  after some huge rains we had in Melbourne that it was bone dry  inside. That is music to his ears and ours.

Thanks for listening and by for now.

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