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Hi, this is Paul Evans, Findlay-Evans Waterproofing.

We’re here to do a case scenario about the Doncaster Police Station. We were working with Rob Morgan who’s a prominent rectification builder at Morgan Constructions. He asked us to go into the Doncaster Police Station.

How F.E.W. stopped the water leaks

We removed all the pavers and stockpiled them for reuse, which were sat on concrete pads which we call cow pads. So we basically removed all those pads. Then we cleaned up,  detailed and rectified all the main issues with the old membrane system. There was an old PVC  membrane system which had shrunk back from all drainage points allowing water to migrate down beside the drains instead of going down in them that was the main problem with this one.

Once all all cleaned up, we applied our Liquid Rubber system with fiberglass inter-layer to beef up the membrane system. We detailed everything quite thoroughly to make sure it was nice an tidy, and water tight. 

The air-conditioner system had to be rolled out of the way with the use of help of air conditioning experts. We moved that out on rollers as you would in the Egyptian days.

Then we re-installed the pavers on buzz-on stands which were put on pieces of Arma-Blue which is our protection sheet to isolate it from the membrane system. These buzz-on stands can  be screwed up and down to get the heights of the pavers correct.

Re-installing concrete pavers over waterproofing with buzz-on stands

Once we had all the  pavers in position, we decided to cap the planter box which was also a suspect for leaking, as they didn’t want to use the planter box anymore.  We did this by framing it up and implying his inkling sheet over the top of it and capping everything off around the bottom of the floor wall junctions.

We installed a flashing just to make it neat and look  nice. There was a gap of some 30-40mm which didn’t look particularly attractive so we flashed it all off just to make it look like nothing to do if waterproofing but just purely for aesthetics.

Once we got that sorted out we tidied everything up and cleaned it up. Everybody was really happy with the job and Rob Morgan, the builder was extremely happy as well. If you want to know any more about the job or have a job similar to this, please give us a call in Melbourne 8812 2918 or visit our website

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