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Hello, Paul Evans, Findlay-Evans Waterproofing, another case study for you. This is a pier and beam job basement which needed to have a waterproofing system put into it that was created a dry basement. The pier and beam setup, it can be quite complex to try and waterproof in this situation. We advise them that once the excavation started, they were to put a blinding in between the, um, in between the piers, um, for us to spray our membrane onto, and then they were going to put their Rio in and come over with a top coat of shotcrete.

So you can see here, you’ve got the blinding installed ready to go. This is basically the first day on the job, um, we started off doing sections by section because the builder really wasn’t quite ready for us, and so in a lot of instances, there were people working over the top of us and so on. But once we got stuck into it, it’s yours truly here, I’m on the job here just, uh, working with the boys, uh, give them a bit of a heads up on the method just to get this one right. It’s a little bit tricky.

So in the second video is, uh, on the pier and beam, there’s there was quite a rough cast in the shotcrete because they couldn’t trail it off, which is fair enough, so we had to use a considerable amount of liquid rubber in this situation to get the actual beam section of it, uh, waterproof. So once we moved on from that, we started spraying the general fields, and the Rio was then installed afterward, which was in this case, a little bit of a problem because they kept puncturing through the membrane system, um, we went back time and time again to re-coat the puncture points with the liquid rubber and made the best of that we could, but the situation was quite, uh, I don’t know, haphazard if you like, with the builder sort of doing bits and pieces all over the place and behind, behind an eight ball.

So our joy, our task became ten times harder than what it should be, but, uh, we persevered with it anyway, uh, as you can see, the mesh going on and they’re ready to put their top coat of shotcrete over the top of our membrane which sandwiches, and we’ve got to a point where we’ve done all the walls in this job, and, um, we’re still yet to do the under slab because the builder who was engaging us on this one went into liquidation, uh, when the COVID crisis hit and left us in the lurch with this one, and we’re hoping to get the underslab for the builder that ends up completing this project.

So more, more of this in the future, and we’ll let you know how it all turns out. This is Paul Evans, thanks very much for watching, and again, if you want to contact us, of course, call on 8812-2918, and the website to visit is

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