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I am Paul Evans from Findlay-Evans Waterproofing. This is a video just to show an overall aspect of health care facilities in Victoria. We’ve been working on a number of them now so we thought we’d just showcase a few of them.

Old torch-on membrane 

This is Epworth Hospital, a multiple roofs job that we embarked on. The torch-on membrane there was causing a lot of grief, so that was removed and replaced with our system. Our system has got a fiberglass inter layer which is built into the membrane system. These jobs, in particular hospitals and they need to keep operating 24/7 which is a challenge for waterproofer. We managed to work it around and a set up a method of waterproofing it in stages so we wouldn’t expose a whole area all at once and potentially causing ingress of water into critical areas such as operating theaters and also power plant rooms.

Synthetic grass – staff area

There was a sort of a separate area again for the recreation area or as we might put it smoko area. Sometimes people want to retreat and get outside in sunshine, have their lunch and so on. This area was in a very poor condition so we stripped it all back and took it back to zero. Then waterproofed the whole area and installed synthetic grass system which came up with a very pleasing aesthetic as well as combating the waterproofing.

Sunshine Hospital

Sunshine Hospital had multiple areas. There were three large stairwells that were all leaking that had a rubberized sheet system on it originally. So on the stairwells we actually kept that intact and then we did that over the existing system. This was favored only because of cost and also for time so the system that we applied over the top gives it an entire membrane in itself.

Now it’s completely watertight. The roof itself was again BU, and it was in a very poor condition. We stripped that all up, got back to the original screed. Then did detailing work and prepared everything for our system to go on.

Thermo Top Coat

Once our system was on, a top coat was put down over the top to give it a bit of durability. This was all tested and made sure everything was all good. The clients and staff were extremely happy with the end result with no water ingress during the process of doing the works.

The infrastructure side of things is something we specialize in. We are a company that are well versed in the many facets of hospital workings and getting in and out and onto the roads is often difficulty but we managed to do that and keep everybody happy. That’s what it’s all about. Thanks for listening. This is Paul from

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