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Hello, this is Paul F.E.W Waterproofing, another case study for you here. Wellington Road Mulgrave, working for a builder whose name’s Rob Morgan – Rob Morgan Constructions, top builder, knows what he’s doing, and we do a number of jobs for him. This is a difficult job because the access was limited to the fact that we had to get everything off and on by crane. We had to pull up a ballast on this one with the bitumen base. So we broke it all up in especially into pieces, and then all the light stuff was vacuumed off with a large vacuum truck.

We set about, once we got it all cleaned up with all the rubble removed – there’s a vacuum truck. Findlay-Evans Team did all the manual labor of actually pulling up all the bitumen layers by scraping and removing and bagging. Which was then later cleaned off in large lift bags.

Once we were done with the prep – the screed has moved in. With a large setup & big crew and got this job done in two or three days. That’s the Primer going down first, and then that’s the Screed Pro guys working really hard work as those guys and got stuck – did a terrific job for us. Highly recommended as well, so with that, we set all levels up between us, and then they work to that to the magnificent job my team actually said it’s probably one of the best screeds I’ve ever seen on a rooftop – so well that’s saying something! There’s a lot of collective experience amongst my Team – one of the best ones I’ve seen by the way, and so it’s all good.

Once the screed was down, we let it cure out, then we proceeded to put a LIQUID APPLIED MEMBRANE coatings down. Put two or three coats of that down, and then we went in with our Premium Top Coat System. That was also about three coats that down as well, all detailing and, you know, extra tether points put in, and we had to come back after the two other points we put in and do some touch-ups and get a finished job, tidy up the whole place, and everybody’s pretty happy with that one.

So well, if you go similar job, please give us a call: PH (03)8812 2918 Melbourne Commercial Waterproofers. Otherwise, hit the website: PH: (03) 8812 2918 & look forward to hearing from you.

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