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Hello, it’s Paul Evans, Findlay-Evans Waterproofing.

Here we have another case scenario to share with you. It’s a below ground basement that was built for an engineer and wanted to make sure everything was hunky-dory. So, we basically went to great lengths whilst having to deal with some bad weather. Luckily Liquid Rubber can go on a slightly damp surface.  It will take a bit longer to cure but it can be done.

Findlay-Evans Method

There was a lot of hand detailing there, particularly the cold joint at the bottom. We basically did all the detailing one day and came back another day to spray. Once the membrane was cured, we installed Arma-Blue Protection Sheet to protect the Liquid Rubber Membrane and to form a secondary semi-waterproof layer.

This was quite a difficult job in terms of access which was quite confined which you can see. The client was happy with the results.

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