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Video Case Study

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Hello this is Paul Evans, Findlay-Evans waterproofing.  Got a case scenario here that I would like to talk about. It’s a commercial balcony on a hotel in the city.

Leaking Balcony

This balcony has been an extension on to an existing concrete structure. So the extension in the past that has been built is made of timber.

Obviously for a cost-saving exercise back when it was done. The method of construction is something to be looked at. They used the chipboard flooring on the timber joist over, and then poured discrete concrete screed on top of that and then proceeded to tile it with the crazy paving slay.

Obviously from the photos here you can see that the deterioration of the chipboard material is severe and dangerous.

Balcony Repairs & Waterproofing

So we were engaged to remove, being builders, and the carpenters on our team we can carry out this type of work fairly readily. So we replaced a number of the joists and replaced the timber flooring with the Scyon sheeting, which is a compressed fibrous cement sheeting tongue-and-groove scenario for those who don’t uninitiated.

Once that was all installed we went about basically waterproofing it from there up.

So that’s detailing all the joints, junctions and penetration points and drain we installed two new drain points. We had our plumber come in and do that for us and connect that up to the storm water system to alleviate the water shedding.

Then we went ahead and waterproofed a base coat and sealed everything up. We then installed the reinforcing fabric over the entire area which strengthens up the membrane and makes it more robust. The the falls were all built into the sub floor in this situation.

So we had the falls working quite nicely as far as we didn’t need to put a screen on it. So we waterproofed it and with their mesh then after that was fully waterproofed with that happens with a four coat system so it ends up with a pretty considerable amount of waterproofing material on it.

The waterproofing completed we then proceeded to install our Arma-Blue protection sheet which all membranes need to be protected with.

We installed that and then had the grass installed over the top of that so that isolates the grass from the the membrane itself so when people are walking on that and you get the abrasion scenario it doesn’t affect the membrane.

The internal repairs we carried out as well we’ve replaced the ceilings and the cornices and then we also repainted as well the whole section.

This got the kitchen up and running pretty quickly rather than waiting on a bunch of other trades to sort of get involved.

Our team do as a one-stop shop scenario and handled the whole thing as a turnkey operation.

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There’s a lot of little bits and pieces that we carried out as well just to finish the job off and turn it to be a wonderful job.

Thanks for listening this is Paul from Findlay-Evans Waterproofing if you care to give us a call on 8812 2918. Thank you.

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