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The video features an episode of “Sealed for Good” where the host is in Melbourne, interviewing Paul Evans, the President of the Australian Institute of Waterproofing (AIW). Paul is also a business owner of a contracting firm in Victoria called Findlay-Evans Waterproofing. He has been the President of the AIW for three years.

The AIW was initially a Melbourne-based initiative but has since branched out to other states. The organization has representation across Australia and boasts just under 600 members. They have been actively promoting awareness about waterproofing through various shows and talks. The main objective of these talks is to highlight waterproofing failures and raise awareness.

Paul emphasizes the importance of methodology in waterproofing. He mentions that the AIW has collaborated with the Master Builders Association of Victoria to create a waterproofing course designed for industry professionals, but not necessarily for waterproofers.

The AIW is a group of industry professionals, including waterproofers, tilers, manufacturers, suppliers, and engineers. They aim to be a voice for the applicators in Australia and encourage them to share their experiences, both good and bad, for collective learning.

Paul also touches upon the challenges faced by contractors, especially when builders push for quick completion times without considering climatic conditions. He believes that education is the key to improvement in the industry. However, he also points out that some Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) offer subpar courses, which is a concern.

The AIW is actively lobbying the government and other bodies to bring about changes in standards and regulations. They believe that collaboration with other industry bodies, like the HIA and MBA, can drive positive change. The AIW also interacts with insurance companies to address financial aspects related to waterproofing.

Paul concludes by emphasizing the need for accountability in the industry. He believes that everyone involved in a project, from the manufacturer to the applicator, should be accountable for their actions to ensure the best outcomes.


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