Repair Leaking Roof Waterproof Membranes

Achieving Permanent Leak Repairs with Flexible and Seamless Liquid Rubber Membranes

Permanent Waterproofing Repairs to Leaking Roof with Robust Membranes

  • Using a FLEXIBLE and SEAMLESS spray-applied Liquid Rubber membrane, our Team can repair leaking & failed sheet/torch on membranes without the cost of a complete re-installation.
  • In many cases with this system it is possible to completely over coat the existing roof surface with a fast spray application.

Torch On and traditional sheet membranes have a tendency to leak at split seams.

  • Sheet/roll on membranes have a high tendency to leak at the joins which are often either heat or chemically welded.
  • These seams are liable to break and/or deteriorate under temperature and cyclic movement.
    Sheet membranes are not fully adhered and bonded to the substrate surface.
  • Once water enters the membrane, the entire area can become water logged underneath the sheet membrane.
  • This water can then travel a great distance from the original entry point.

Findlay-Evans Waterproofing - Certified Liquid Rubber Applicators based in Melbourne

  • Findlay-Evans Waterproofing offers various solutions to failed existing sheet membranes that are leaking at joins and seams but otherwise are intact.
  • Our Team can overcoat these existing membranes with a spray application of liquid waterproofing coatings that will firmly adhere to the surface. 
  • We can offer repairs to existing membranes that are leaking, deteriorated, cracked and aging.
  • Using a cold spray application, Liquid Rubber membranes can overcoat an existing roof.
  • This provides a fully bonded seamless waterproof system over the existing failed membrane.

Repairs that are Cost Effective & Saves Time

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Waterproofing Product for Roofs

  • It is possible to repair existing leaking roofs with failed waterproof membranes without removal.
  • Findlay-Evans Waterproofing will assess the roof for suitability for over spray application.
  • If the field of the sheet membrane is in good condition but water ingress is occurring at damaged seams, this is a great opportunity for our cost effective repair solution.
  • Cracked seams and joins are bridged with polyurethane and/or geotextile bandage.
  • Liquid Rubber is spray-applied over clean and dressed joins to create a FLEXIBLE and SEAMLESS waterproof membrane.
  • Fast, cost effective spray applied liquid membrane. Our dedicated spray unit is specially designed. 

Our dedicated roof spray unit is used for fast Liquid Rubber application.

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