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Victoria's building and waterproofing systems,  if a planning permit is required, a building permit cannot be issued until the planning permit is first obtained. Building works cannot be commenced until a building permit is issued by a registered building surveyor.

Melbourne Building 

"The Melbourne Metro Rail Tunnel is the biggest public transport project the city has seen in 35 years and the impact of construction will be just as significant.

In just a few months, Melbourne metropolitan and  City will be fenced off as construction machinery rolls in to begin work in the heart of the CBD.

Adding to the upheaval, the project coincides with road widening works, booming building construction, Melbourne waterproofing contractors,  and level crossing removals, including a six-week construction blitz to remove rail crossings at Box Hill, Blackburn, eastern suburbs, Melbourne CBD, footscray.

Infrastructure and construction expert Dr Chris Hale said Melburnians were facing a "very difficult period", with motorists affected by lane closures and pedestrians forced off footpaths.

But most importantly, he said the public transport network would come under great strain as more people turned to train and bus services to avoid road congestion."

From the Age:

Construction and Waterproofing Companies in Melbourne 

"BGC (Buckeridge Group of Companies) is a family-owned group which began as a property developer in the 1960s and is now one of the top privately-owned companies in Australia by turnover.

The BGC Construction arm was set up in 1994 to meet “growing demand for commercial building construction in Western Australia,” and since then has worked on projects spanning the whole country. Projects have included the award-winning Perth Arena. The BGC Group as a whole also includes BGC Contracting which deals with mining and civil construction. In 2015-16, BGC Construction was awarded non-residential Australian contracts totalling $1.3bn." Quoted from

Melbourne has some of the best building and Melbourne waterproofing companies in Victoria and Australia.

Building and construction balconies or repairs to leaking balconies and metal roofs or flat concrete roofs are restored by commercial contractors in Melbourne

Melbourne Repairs and Waterproofing Companies


City of Melbourne Small Business Grants 

Supporting small business to take the next step.

Helping passionate, innovative small businesses realise their dreams and reach new markets is the primary aim of our small business grants program.

The program provides financial assistance to support market-ready products and services that enhance the City of Melbourne’s reputation for innovation and creativity, and contribute to a thriving, sustainable business culture.

Grants are open to forward-thinking small businesses currently located or intending to locate within the City of Melbourne. Start-ups and established businesses from any sector are welcome to apply as long as you have a great idea and a sound business proposal that is going to proceed regardless of grant funding. 

Since 1996 the City of Melbourne has provided $8.3 million worth of grants to over 370 businesses, many of whom have taken their ideas and creativity to the next level and achieved outstanding local and international success.

Start a Waterproofing Company in Melbourne and Victoria 

Before setting up your Victorian business ask yourself:

  • do you need the industry in Victoria?
  • is there a market need for your services or products?
  • do you provide waterproofing services in Melbourne?
  • will you be able to access the skills and talent required to make your business work?
  • do you know the cost of starting a business in Victoria?
  • do you understand the regulatory requirements and tax implications in Victoria and Australia?

These questions will help you plan your move to Melbourne.

Before you start a company  in Melbourne , do a check list of all the requirements. 

The winning formula that goes into creating a business that not only succeeds but prospers financially isn’t easy to replicate. Otherwise everyone would be doing it. But sometimes startups go on to change lives, making their founders millions in the process. Here are the stories of  Australian business ideas that grew into multi-million dollar business ventures in Melbourne as contractors.

Melbourne Victoria is an ideal city to set up your small business - whether it is waterproofing services, building or contractors - it i s the best city in Victoria and Australia.


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