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How Much About Melbourne Do You Know?

Here are 7 things to do when visiting Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

1. Visit the Melbourne Cricket Ground 

Sink your teeth into a meat pie at the MCG.

This makes an unique and  truely Melbourne experience, by catching a train from A or a tram from Collins St.

Walk along the Yarra River up to Melbourne Park Tennis Center and even listen to the music beside the Yarra River.

Also, don't forget to visit  AAMI Park and watch the local football.

2. Drink Coffee in Melbourne's Lane ways

Melbourne is known the world over as the coffee capital of the world.

The lane ways around the Melbourne CBD has many little coffee shops like; Park Hyatt, St Ali or Seven Seeds that customers cue up for hours to enjoy their latte.

3. Eat Well at Queen Victoria Market 

Melbourne's Queen Victoria Market is a well known tourist destination throughout Victoria and Australia and even internationally.

Eat your savories from the Deli section of the Queen Vic Market, or queue fro piping hot doughnuts.

Rug up warmly against the cold Melbourne nights but enjoy the famous night markets which on every Wednesday.

Summer in Melbourne also has a night market which runs from November to March each year.

4. Visit Dandenong Market 

Dandenong market, in Melbourne south east suburbs, has fast become known as the multicultural market destination.

Melbourne's suburbs, only a short 40 minute drive from the CBD and you can be tasting middle eastern food.

You can also take tours and visit the suburbs like Southbank, Spotswood, Altona.

5. Melbourne Princess Theater 

Watch a show at one of Melbourne's favorite theaters, which also has a resident ghost of the name; "Federici" who haunts this theatre in Melbourne.

The ghost has been seen by many people who live in Melbourne, and many waterproofing contractors working on the repairs have seen. 

6. Views from Buildings and Skyscrapers

Melbourne-Victoria-Australia- CBD

Melbourne CBD has some tall and distinguished skyscrapers and offer magnificent views of Melbourne suburbs and metropolitan area.

Eureka Towers offer the very best views of Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, and must-do for tourists.

Eureka Towers is the tallest building in Melbourne CBD  and located in Southbank, a very popular construction area of Melbourne. 

Rialto Towers was one of the best construction and waterproofing contractors  in Melbourne and needed to be  the tallest building in Melbourne CBD  and located in Southbank, a very popular construction area of Melbourne. 

6. Eat Your Way Through Melbourne 

Melbourne is known as the "eating" capital of Australia and has many specialist restaurants and bakery.

They are so popular you will have to queue for this - though the wait is worth it.

Best idea is to book, before you go to a Melbourne restaurant.

Some famous Melbourne restaurants are like : Pellegrini's  in Bourke St , also Flower Drum Market Lane Melbourne.

7. South Melbourne Market  


The South Melbourne Market is different to the Queen Vic market, there is the famous dim sims, that are enormous.

The famous dims sims are freshly made daily and ready to go.

Also once you have found these, feel free to explore the Melbourne Market and discover all that it has to offer.

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