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Repairs to an Existing Leaking Roof

  • Findlay -Evans Waterproofing, specialist contractors based in Melbourne, offer waterproofing maintenance, repairs and refurbishment to all types of roofing structures.
  • Due to numerous practical considerations, replacing a leaking roof is not always a practical or viable option.
    This is especially the case involving roofing for warehouses, factories and commercial precincts.
  • Often regardless of the number of leaks, the interruption to business, the time involved and the cost just makes roof replacement impossible.
  • Still, water ingress must be stopped and the interior of the building must be protected.
  • In these instances repairing and/or replacing the existing roof membrane becomes an attractive alternative to a complete replacement of the entire existing roof system.

Roof Repairs

Roof Waterproofing Systems – Remedial & Repairs

  • FINDLAY-EVANS Waterproofing offers an over-spray waterproofing system for remedial repairs to an existing roof. Spray applied liquid membranes can be applied over the top of a damaged existing roof.
  • This provides a fast, efficient and extremely effective solution to the problem of a leaking roof without the cost and disruption of removing the roof.

Fixing Leaking Roofs with Liquid Rubber

Repairing Damaged & Leaking Roofs

  • One of our projects involved over spraying a severely damaged roof membrane of a power substation in Melbourne’s CBD.
  • This was a challenging project: access was difficult, various other remedial works were in progress at the same time as remedial repairs to the roof. 
  • It was impractical to replace the roof – so over spraying the existing old membrane with Liquid rubber was the ideal solution.

Waterproofing Membranes for Roofs & Rooftops

Cause of Leaking Roof

  • The cause of roof leaks is often extremely difficult to detect. Water can travel great lengths from the point of origin before finding an exit point.
  • Areas of weakness, like seams or junctions when using sheet membranes, often leads to water entering here and then tracking along underneath the sheet membrane. Over time the water will obviously cause damage to the substrate and enter spaces/voids/rooms below.
  • The repair of the roof in the project below involved meticulous preparation of the rooftop services. This was a very busy roof and required masking and hand detailing of infrastructure prior to the spray application of Liquid Rubber membrane.

Repairing Waterproofing Membranes on Metal Roofs

  • Liquid Rubber membranes can be applied to a large variety of roof surfaces: concrete, timber, metal and asbestos to name a few.
  • The spray apply application is an ideal waterproofing membrane for new or existing roofs and provides a seamless and flexible long term water barrier.
  • Liquid Rubber’s unique property of extreme flexibility allows the membrane to move with the roof surface under thermal changes.
  • This is particularly important with metal surfaces due to the expansion and contraction of the roof during temperature changes.
  • This project below using shipping containers for an inner city cafe is a perfect example of Liquid Rubber providing an ideal waterproof membrane.

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