Commercial Balcony Repairs

Balcony Repairs & Structural Restoration

Case Study - Waterproofing Repairs & Fix Water Leaks

Waterproofing repairs to this balcony project  required:

  • Complete strip off existing material and back to a clean balcony substrate.
  • New waterproof membrane & screed installed.
  • Extensive structural building works due to water damage to timber.
  • Finished surface used was Instant Turf.

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Above and Below Ground

Remedial Work

Findlay-Evans Waterproofing have successfully completed many remedial balcony repairs in Melbourne using instant or artificial grass/turf as the finished surface.

  • We have developed a balcony membrane system using instant turf  which includes the use of an  extra robust water barrier & protection sheeting -  Arma-Blue.
  • Arma-Blue protection sheet is installed between the waterproof membrane & installed instant turf.
  • Arma-Blue provides a permanent long-term extra waterproof barrier, which our Team  always use for balcony repairs using instant turf & also for all below ground works.

Repairs to Leaking Balconies Using Instant Turf

  • Liquid Applied Membrane (LAMs) 
  • Arma-Blue protection sheet 
  • Instant Turf

Education facility using Arma-Blue protection followed by instant turf installation.

Balcony Restoration in Melbourne

We see many balconies leaking due to poor design, inferior construction methods, incorrect waterproof application, and failed balcony finishes - which is mostly tiles.

Waterproofing Method for Commercial Balcony 

  • This commercial balcony waterproofing project was located in Melbourne CBD.
  • The balcony required new membrane installation and also extensive structural repairs due to long term damaging water leaks.
  • As a cost saving exercise, a balcony extension had previously been built that was poorly designed and used low quality products.
  • The balcony addition was attached to the existing concrete structure - it was unsafe & required extensive structural work. 
  • The extension used chipboard as flooring, and this was installed directly over timber joists.  
  • The finished surface was crazy paving.   

Balcony substructure damaged through water leaks.

A waterproofing company that thinks CONSTRUCTION

Both Registered Builders & Certified Waterproofers

Providing structural building works together with waterproofing installation.

Balcony Structural Repairs

  • The Findlay-Evans Building Team installed 2 new drainage points on the balcony surface to help manage water movement.
  • A waterproofing membrane was applied to the scyon surface and cement screed applied to achieve falls for water to flow to the newly installed drainage systems.
  • Our plumber connected these drain points to the storm water system to alleviate the water shedding.
  • The rotting timber joists were replaced, the chipboard flooring removed and scyon sheets were installed as the balcony substrate.

Balcony Waterproofing - Preparation is Critical

  • Critical to successful balcony waterproofing is meticulous preparation & detailing to all  surface joints, junctions, penetration & draining points prior to membrane installation.
  • Balcony areas not prepped correctly are areas of potential weakness for water ingress.
  • Findlay-Evans  Waterproofing  Team hand detail all such areas with reinforcing bandage - ensuring a permanent watertight barrier. 

Balcony Membrane Installation 

  • Once all  structural & balcony repair work was completed, the waterproof membrane installation proceeded.
  • Findlay-Evans balcony waterproofing system consists  four coats of  Liquid Applied Membrane - including one base coat.

Best Balcony Waterproofing Product 

  • Many balconies are currently constructed with minimal falls to the balcony surface -  particularly seen in commercial & multi-level apartments.
  • Balcony designs with minimum fall has a significant effect on the choice of waterproofing product & installation method. 
  • In these cases, balcony membranes must be capable of standing or ponding water.
  • Minimal fall balcony surfaces are more liable to  water ingress through the tile grout - leading to moisture sitting, or "ponding', between the waterproof membrane and tiles.
  • If the membrane selected can not withstand ponding water-- and  many waterproofing products on the market cannot - in time the membrane will deteriorate and fail. 

Spray -On Liquid Rubber Membranes

Spray Applied Liquid Waterproofing

Liquid Rubber - Rapid Application

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  • Liquid Rubber Membranes are spray applied.
  • Spray application of liquid membranes creates  a continuous seamless barrier horizontally, vertically up walls and around upturns, balcony balustrade, penetrations and pipes.

Our preferred waterproofing product to use for balcony projects.

  • Liquid Rubber can withstand "ponding" water - one of the few membranes with this ability.  
  • Extreme Flexibility - unaffected by structural movement. 
  • Spray Application - no seams of joins as areas of potential weakness.
  • Liquid Membranes - being liquid will cure to any shape & around all upturns & penetrations.  
  • Ideal for Commercial Sites - Non-toxic, no VOCs, does not use flames, heat or solvent adhesives for application.

Using Instant Turf + Balcony Waterproofing

Once the crazy paving was removed, instant turf was installed as the finished surface.

Balcony restoration: structural rebuild, waterproofing & instant turf installation.

Findlay-Evans Balcony Repair System

Developed to repair & permanently fix water leaks for balcony/rooftops using instant turf:

  1. Waterproof Coating
  2. Membrane Protection Sheet
  3. Instant Turf

1. Waterproof Coating

  • Balcony waterproofing membranes must be capable of bridging cracks and joints of the underlying substrate, whether this cement sheeting, Scyon board or others.
  • Membrane flexibility is an important criterion as the waterproofing will need to move with the normal contraction & expansion of the balcony envelope.

2. Membrane Protection 

  • Membranes should be protected from mechanical damage if anything other than a “hard-wear” surface (tiles, etc) is being installed.
  • Used Arma-Blue protection sheet as waterproofing membranes need protection.
  • Instant turf installed over the top of Arma-Blue protection.
  • That isolates the artificial grass from the membrane itself.

3. Balcony Surface Using Instant Turf


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