Fire Service Water Tank Repairs (Melbourne)

Repairs to Leaking Fire Service Tanks 

Maintenance & Repairs to Water Storage Tanks

If you’re a commercial property owner or body corporate, you need to maintain your fire service tank. Fire service tanks form part of the building infrastructure and are therefore the responsibility of the property owner. 

The two main reasons we find causing leaking water tanks:

1. The most common cause of leaking tanks is the age of the tank.

2. Water leaks also occur due to ground movement and/or tank movement over time.


The Findlay-Evans Team apply waterproofing repairs to leaking Fire Water Storage Tanks

Registered Building Practitioner &  Certified Waterproofing Company 

Melbourne Waterproofing Company for Tank Repairs

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Findlay-Evans Waterproofing Tank Services use spray-on liquid applied membranes:  

  • Fire Services Tanks
  • Concrete Tanks
  • Underground Tanks
  • Timber Tanks
  • Industrial Tanks
  • Storage Tanks

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Liquid Membranes for Tank Repairs

Liquid Rubber is the ideal to waterproofing product to repair all types of water storage containments: Concrete, Steel and Polyethylene.

  • Liquid Rubber is a spray-on flexible seamless membrane.
  • Being liquid means the membrane will contour to any shape - ideal for tanks.
  • For concrete containment walls, Liquid Rubber protects the concrete surface from water, waterborne and chemical contaminant.
  • Its low permeability, excellent adhesion and elasticity make it ideal to prevent water damage and bridge stress cracks in concrete.
  • Liquid Rubber also adheres to any metal surface including low carbon steel, galvanized and rusted metal.
  • It creates a seamless barrier on metal surfaces and is an excellent guard against corrosion: both preventing rust on new surfaces and preventing further corrosion on already affected areas.
  • Liquid Rubber products are water based, solvent & Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) free, and cold applied to provide a seamless, high performance membrane.
  • Liquid Rubber is an environmentally friendly, "potable" and corrosion proofing waterproof product designed  as protective coating for water storage tanks.

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Melbourne based Registered Builders specialising in waterproofing membranes.

Repairs to Leaking Water Tanks

  • Liquid Rubber protects the concrete surface from water, waterborne and chemical contaminants. 
  • This membrane has low permeability, excellent adhesion and elasticity which make it ideal to repair and prevent water leaks while bridging across stress cracks in concrete.

Best Waterproofing Product

Liquid Rubber - Rapid Application

Spray - On Liquid Applied Membrane

To determine which one is best for your specific tanked structure, consider the following:

1. How much does it cost for waterproofing repairs

  • Labour-intensive waterproofing systems or those that are complex or time-consuming to install are generally more expensive.
  • Spray -on membranes have the distinct advantage of rapid installation, minimal disruption to the work site, saving time and labour costs. 

2. How long do waterproofing repairs take?

  • Spray-applied liquid membranes is the fastest waterproof application - far more rapid than liners or sheet membranes. 
  • No matter what system you use, preparation is a critical component for successful waterproofing and adds to the time factor.
  • Findlay-Evans Team are meticulous preparing all surfaces prior to waterproofing application.

3. How much design flexibility do liquid waterproofing systems offer? 

  • Liquid waterproofing systems can be applied to either to the positive or negative side of a tank structure. 
  • Application can be above or below ground, internal or external. 
  • Liquid Membranes are eco-friendly and no VOCs - satisfy al OHS requirements and safe for confined spaces.

4. How durable is the waterproofing system and how long will it last? 

  • Some systems have a finite useful life and will eventually crack, dry out or otherwise deteriorate, leaving structures vulnerable to water leakage and contamination while others are designed to last the lifetime of the structure.
  • Liquid Rubber products were designed to address the many problems encountered with traditional liner and sheet membranes.
  • New generation water based polymers are not only eco-friendly but will not crack, dry out , have seams and will last the lifetime of the structure it is protecting. 

5. How much maintenance does the system require? 

  • Some systems require periodic repair and maintenance to repair damage or cracking and maintain their effectiveness. 
  • Others, like liquid waterproofing systems, have the ability to flex and move and bridge cracks over time, which can help reduce downtime and save maintenance costs over the life of the structure.

6. How well does Liquid Membrane systems protect against corrosion? 

  • The corrosion of steel reinforcements by water and waterborne contaminants can significantly shorten the life of a concrete tanked structure.  
  • Liquid Rubber offers proven corrosion protection.
Metal Protection Membranes

7. Is the system certified non-toxic and safe for the environment? 

  • This is especially important if your tank will hold potable water that could become contaminated by the inward migration of waterborne chemicals, chlorides, sulphates and silt.
  • Liquid Rubber is water-based and certified "potable" for human consumption.

8. What kind of guarantee does the manufacturer/distributor offer? 

  • Always choose an applicator that stands behind the products they install.
  • Findlay-Evans Waterproofing are Certified Waterproofers and Registered Building Practitioner with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA).  

Liquid Rubber - Waterproof Membrane

Key Benefits of using Liquid Applied Membranes to seal tanks:

  • Seamless - NO joins or seams
  • Contours to any shape or profile
  • Elastomeric - expands and contracts with all surfaces
  • Robust Adhesion - fully bonds to the surface
  • HIGH Abrasion Resistance
  • HIGH Tear Strength
  • HIGH Tensile Strength
  • GOOD Heat Resistance
  • HIGH Resistance to termite and tree roots

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Specialised Tank Services can help you with any problem you have with your water tank! For a no obligation quote, please contact us in the office or online.

Findlay-Evans Testimonials

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The Australian Institute of Management (AIM) recently engaged F.E.W Waterproofing to resurface the Level 6 plant area which was prone to water leakage.

Liquid Rubber was used and is brilliant seamless product; we were very impressed with the finished product.

The F.E.W workmanship was of a high standard. Since having the Liquid Rubber laid down we have not experienced any water leaks.

D. Papal Australian Institute of Management (Vic & Tas) Building Manager 

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