Corrosion Protection for Storage Tanks

Liquid Applied Membranes Provide Corrosion Protection 

An important part of an effective corrosion reduction program is thorough monitoring of conditions that cause corrosion and then taking corrective steps to prevent further degradation.

Case Study – Bunding Tank

Findlay-Evans Waterproofing was contracted to provide protective coatings to these galvanized steel storage tanks situated near the Victorian coast.

  • This concrete bund tank had to capture the overflow of toxic waste.
  • However the degraded concrete within the bund was not containing this waste resulting in leeching as demonstrated by toxicology tests.

The waste had to be cleaned and disposed environmentally and the waterproofing product, Liquid Rubber Membrane, to be used had to ratified by the client.

Metal Tank & Concrete Bund

Liquid Applied Waterproof Coatings

Findlay-Evans Waterproofing selected Liquid Rubber to protect and give added life to the concrete bunding and galvanized steel storage tanks.

  • Once cured Liquid Rubber resists impact damage,  under-cutting and cracking.
  • Liquid Rubber is  extremely flexible  and will  resist cracking due to movement and stresses associated with tanks and metal infrastructures.
  • Even though Liquid Rubber can be easily applied over light metal rust, greatly reducing the surface preparation work, we still made sure the metal surface was clean of loose debris and dry.
  • F.E.W Waterproofing have confined space certification however our coatings are environmentally friendly and safe to apply in spaces such as storage and process tanks.

Metal Tank & Concrete Bund - Liquid Rubber is used as rust protection for both surfaces 

  • We applied a 2.0 mm spray applied coat of instant set waterproof membrane producing a seamless rubberised protection that strongly adhered to the tank.
  • Liquid Rubber's superior elasticity and elastic recovery means the coating will not chip or peel from the metal surface, providing years of protection from the harmful effects of water, chemical and bacteria.
  • Liquid Rubber is an excellent adhesive in its own right and we also used the coating to seal around all bolt heads and sectional joins on the tank assembly.

Rust Protection & Anti-Corrosion

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