Flat Concrete Roof Repairs

Waterproofing Repairs for Concrete Roof

Case Study - Sunshine Hospital Melbourne

Water leaks from the existing roof sheet membrane was badly deteriorated & causing severe damage to rooms below.

Liquid Applied Membranes (LAM) were chosen as the waterproofing product for this project due to the very "busy" rooftop deck - i.e utilities, pipes & infrastructure - that would have been far too costly to remove and re-install.

A waterproofing company that thinks CONSTRUCTION

Findlay & Evans were contracted to provide the waterproofing remediation method to solve these roof water leaks while also ensuring there was minimal disruption to hospital services below.

  • Liquid Membranes can be spray applied under, around and over any & all penetrations.
  • Also , being liquid, means that these membranes will contour to any shape or irregularity -providing a permanent and water tight coating to all roof structures.

Video Case Study - Sunshine Hospital Melbourne

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Roof Repairs & Restoration

Concrete Roof - Leaking Membrane

  • This waterproofing project involved a concrete roof that required extensive repairs & restoration work due to a badly damaged existing roof membrane that was causing extensive water leaks.
  • The roof area  actually included repairs to several existing rooftop plant deck sections.
  • These rooftop areas contained hospital utilities & equipment such as HVAC & various pipes, penetrations and infrastructure at a low height.
  • These utilities needed a waterproof membrane  to seal and make watertight in all directions i.e under, over and around penetrations.

This had a "busy" rooftop plant deck with low suspended pipes & infrastructure.

The waterproofing membrane needed to seal around all these roof structures.

The concrete roof had an old butynol (BUR) waterproof membrane applied sometime ago probably, 25 - 30 years ago.

This damaged sheet membrane on the roof had to be removed completely which was leaking & causing extensive damage to rooms below.

Removal of Leaking Sheet Membrane

Leaking Sheet Membrane

Concrete Damage Due to Leaking Roof

  • Included are photos showing the existing roof membrane peeling back and obviously leaking severely.
  • Water ingress was occurring to rooms below causing concrete deterioration.
  • Concrete was leaching in the rooms below.

Concrete leaching due to water leaks from roof above.

Rooftop Waterproofing System

Findlay-Evans Team removed the existing sheet membrane and then thoroughly cleaned the entire roof surface prior to membrane installation.

  • Detailed & meticulous preparation is an important step in the waterproofing process.
  • This is a rather tedious and time consuming activity and can  often times be short cut.
  • However successful surface cleaning & preparation goes a long way to ensuring a successful water tight membrane is installed.
  • Installing a membrane on dirty surfaces with glues, pollution etc will lead to poor adhesion, no matter what type of membrane you are using.
  • Preparation prior to membrane application also involved manually removing existing glues & substances etc on the roof surface.
  • Once roof cleaning was completed, Liquid Rubber waterproofing membrane was meticulous detailed by hand  around all roof penetrations, up-stands and HVAC equipment.

Liquid Applied Waterproofing

A Liquid Waterproofing System allows the membrane to be painted on by brush - this allows a permanent watertight seal that can be painted & contoured to the shape as required.

Liquid Rubber is the perfect waterproofing product for "busy" roof plant decks.

Waterproofing Preparation

Masking around all plant deck services provided a neat finish for the spray-application  of  LIQUID RUBBER MEMBRANE to the entire roof surface.

Masking Prior to Membrane Application

Roof Waterproofing – Liquid System 

After hand detailing, masking and preparation,  a base coat of Liquid Rubber membrane was spray applied by our dedicated spray rig which is portable for rooftop waterproofing.

Once the base waterproof coat was completed, we then moved forward with the spray application of the final coating.

This project involved a three-coat spray applied waterproofing system -  ensuring the rooftop had a long lasting, permanent and robust  waterproof membrane.

Spray Applied Elastomeric Liquid Membrane: Waterproof Membrane - Concrete Roof

Liquid Waterproofing Contractors - Melbourne

We provided a permanent waterproof coating on all roof surfaces - even those not in use - as these maybe an obvious point of future water ingress.

  • This roof restoration project involved waterproofing a variety of low infrastructure that was situated just above the roof surface – difficult areas to access.
  • However using liquid applied membranes allowed us to spray a waterproofing membrane under the plant deck and the waterproofing contoured around all shapes & surfaces making the infrastructure water tight.
  • Waterproofing a "busy" roof like this would be extremely difficult to achieve using many other waterproofing products like sheet membranes & torch on systems.
  • Liquid Rubber can be sprayed applied under and around low equipment - providing a water-tight seal in areas where it is not possible for many other waterproofing applications.

Roof Waterproofing System

This waterproofing project also included membranes that needed to be applied to the roof sections of the Sunshine Hospital stair access towers. 

The roof of the access towers were in extremely bad condition with little or no maintenance  performed for many years.

Access to the towers' roof was by external scaffolding which needed to be erected.

We installed a robust roof membrane on all stair access towers by application of several layers of Liquid Rubber coatings.

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